Camp Confidential: America's Secret Nazis (Short 2021)

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Camp Confidential: America's Secret Nazis (Short 2021). Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis: Directed by Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan. At the height of WWII, a group of young Jewish refugees are sent to a secret POW camp near Washington D.C. The recent refugees soon discover that the prisoners are no other than Hitler’s top scientists.

“I like lighter crime procedural shows. I was sad Castle and Bones are ending. I loved Psych and Monk and shows like that or if you really want to do a throwback, McMillian and Wife and those kind of shows. There is really nothing left on like those right now. Both the lead actors, the Grandpa and the daughter are all quite good. I like Ennis Esmer from The Listener, another light crime show I miss. The premise is good and the chemistry between Jason Priestly and Cindy Sampson, (whom I have never heard of before) is good and it works. I like that they are not trying to hide Canada. I watch a ton of shows shot in Canada that try to be somewhere else. It gets annoying. This show is fun and light hearted and relaxing to watch. I hope they give it a 2nd season. Update, they gave it more than two seasons, going into season four. Very pleased. Keep up the good work. They all seem to have found their flow together and the show feels like it really found itu0026#39;s pace now.”


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