Flag Day (2021)

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Flag Day (2021). Flag Day: Directed by Sean Penn. With Mitchell McCormick, Tom Anniko, Dylan Penn, Regina King. A father lives a double life as a counterfeiter, bank robber and con man in order to provide for his daughter.

“Dramatic Tale of a Familyu0026#39;s Journey thru the Upu0026#39;s and Downu0026#39;s of Life. Told Flashback style. Sean Penn directs his real life daughter Dylan Penn, who looks so much like her Mother, and Plays John a Father with many issues. Including Dishonesty but He Loves his Family very much and will do anything to help them. Including Crime. Based on a true story, Film portrays the Relationship between a Crazy Dreamer and his only Daughter an aspiring writer. Mr Pennu0026#39;s Son also is Cast member along with Josh Brolin as there Uncle. Granted the story does bounce around some, as suggested in other reviews, but to me the commanding Soundtrack helps the Flow. It is a Sean Penn Movie and he makes his screen time count. Signature Cigarette Smoking, Drug references, Loud Arguments and some Politics in there too. Visuals Well Done and was Filmed entirely in Manitoba Canada. Impressive debut by his Daughter ! Nice work by Katheryn Winnick as the Mother. Plenty Close Ups, including of Regina King as a US Marshall. Give it a Look ?”


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