Don't Let Her In (2021)

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Don't Let Her In (2021). Don’t Let Her In: Directed by Ted Nicolaou. With Kelly Curran, Lorin Doctor, Austin James Parker, Cole Pendery. When an attractive young couple rents out a room in their spacious loft to an eccentric, beautiful female artist, they soon live to regret it. Slowly but surely, their seductive new tenant invades their minds, their beds, the very fabric of their lives.

“This show has just been released on the Full Moon streaming site. I recently re-subscribed. They were advertising this in the headline and when I saw the directoru0026#39;s name, I figured Iu0026#39;d give it a chance. (Heu0026#39;s responsible for some of the best Full Moon Productions).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThereu0026#39;s something very entertaining about this. Itu0026#39;s not deep, itu0026#39;s not so original, but it is very entertaining. Thatu0026#39;s all it really needs to be. I recommend it for fans of Full Moon and of horror seriesu0026#39; in general.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe characters and the setting are near perfect and fun to watch.”


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