Sunset on the River Styx (2020)

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Sunset on the River Styx (2020). Sunset on the River Styx: Directed by Aaron Pagniano. With Phillip Andre Botello, Jacqueline Jandrell, Cory Vaughn, Avery Kristen Pohl. A chance meeting of two morose lovers sends them spiraling down a surreal rabbit hole. Their relationship is challenged by their pasts, their futures, their perception of time, and a vampire death cult.

“Beautifully shot and masterfully edited, River Styx is a unique indie horror with twists you wouldnu0026#39;t expect and a story that will satisfy all the lost souls who are beckoned to watch it. Aaron Pagniano directs a story that would fail is less capable hands and it was astounding all that was accomplished given the limited resources of the crew.”


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