Falling for Vermont (TV Movie 2017)

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Falling for Vermont: Directed by David Winning. With Julie Gonzalo, Benjamin Ayres, Lauren McNamara, Christian Michael Cooper. A best-selling author who got amnesia as a result of a car accident finds refuge with the local doctor of a small idyllic town in Vermont.

“Falling for Vermont was a sweet Saturday night treat. Both lead actors are attractive, serious, and very appealing. The children are excellent, particularly the little daughter, who is both beautiful and very gifted, expressive, and convincing in her role. However, the plot had some rather obvious u0026#39;holesu0026#39; in it. If a car goes off the road in a rain storm, does it still not have a license plate on it that can be traced to the owner? That seems to have gone completely out of the script. Also, did the police not search the car for the driveru0026#39;s belongings, to help identify her? Her cell phone kept ringing, lying on the seat, quite visible, and could have helped identify her despite her amnesia. These seemed like logical steps to take,and would have identified the driver immediately. They were bypassed in order to make the script viable..but actually seemed like a huge compromise instead. One almost sat and shouted at the TV screen, u0026quot;Look in the car!u0026quot;..u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe 2 leads were very convincing, attractive and one rooted for them to fall in love and finally admit it. Despite the logical issues here, this was a very appealing movie and worth every minute of watching. Two mature, serious leads.”


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