Last Night in Rozzie (2021)

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Last Night in Rozzie (2021). Last Night in Rozzie: Directed by Sean Gannet. With Neil Brown Jr., Nicky Whelan, Jeremy Sisto, Kevin Chapman. When a New York lawyer returns to his Boston hometown to reunite his dying friend with his young son, he is forced to finally confront a childhood trauma.

“Greetings again from the darkness. Fulfilling the dying wish of a long-ago childhood friend is the basis of this story from screenwriter Ryan McDonough and director Sean Gannet. Itu0026#39;s the feature film version of their own 2017 short film with the same title.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eJeremy Sisto (WAITRESS, 2007) stars as Joey Donovan, a crude man just waiting to die in his hospital bed. Out of the blue, he calls his childhood buddy Ronnie Russo (Neil Brown Jr, u0026quot;SEAL Teamu0026quot;). The two havenu0026#39;t spoken for 25 years, and Ronnie is now an attorney in New York City. Heu0026#39;s the one who u0026quot;got outu0026quot;, while Joey remained in the Roslindale area of Boston, a working class neighborhood. Itu0026#39;s an awkward reunion for the two men whose last connection was their Little League team. Joey asks for Ronnieu0026#39;s help in fulfilling his final wish.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWe soon learn that Joey is not the most straightforward and truthful of individuals. In fact, heu0026#39;s downright deceitful at times, and director Gannet includes flashbacks to give us some background on why these two turned out the way they did, and what event from so many years ago ties them together. Joeyu0026#39;s request forces Ronnie to re-connect with his childhood crush Pattie (Nicky Whelan, HALL PASS, 2011). And of course thereu0026#39;s more complexity to the situation than Joey discloses.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe film has been well received at film festivals, but I canu0026#39;t help but think that more attention to the background of the three main characters could have added a bit more heft. Supporting actors include Kevin Chapman as Joeyu0026#39;s father, Greyson Cage and Ryan Canale as young Ronnie and Joey, and James DeFilippi as Pattiu0026#39;s son, JJ. The film touches on a few interesting topics – childhood friends, split second decisions, regrets and final wishes, as well as the reasons behind lies.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIn select theaters and on VOD beginning September 17, 2021.”


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