Waffle Street (2015)

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Waffle Street: Directed by Eshom Nelms, Ian Nelms. With James Lafferty, Danny Glover, Julie Gonzalo, Dale Dickey. After being fired as VP in a big mortgage fund (fall guy), Jim decides on a complete change and starts work at a 24/7 diner.

“As a non-Anglo professional person, having degrees which I worked hard to obtain, throughout I also worked in restaurant service and later as a chef to support those endeavors, so the premise of the film appealed to me for several reasons. Mostly because I work in what is considered to be a cerebral, academic field now where there are times you never have any personal connection with or support for or from colleagues, as compared to the team atmosphere in good kitchens.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBut in kitchens/restaurants Iu0026#39;ve seen them: the u0026quot;wealthyu0026quot; or privileged who lost their jobs having to u0026quot;slum itu0026quot; in places and with people they might have been polite to when being served but never considered otherwise. They never thought of them at all beyond what they needed at the moment, as people with other goals, professions or may have been artists, writers, very creative people that needed to support themselves in the gastronomy or hospitality business.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eItu0026#39;s a fictionalized account of a memoir, a comedy/drama designed to present the main character as sympathetic, and in that I felt they succeeded.Though Jimmyu0026#39;s attitude was, of course, about finding a job to support his now growing family he never looked down or slighted any of the other workers. Never the dreaded and ugly superiority complex for menial tasks. Some reviewers have pointed out, however, he got it easier because of his background to be accepted and trusted in such a position. I donu0026#39;t disagree at all, but some films donu0026#39;t need overthinking.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI didnu0026#39;t feel there was any agenda here to make him some kind of hero, though there is the reality in the US of the WMC having things easier because everything was built to support and facilitate and protect them. Sometimes though? Just watch the movie. The labels of redemption, etc.? Redemption from what? The characteru0026#39;s statement of his background, his schooling and yes, privilege might be vexing to some but it was just the truth. If you donu0026#39;t like what was presented and how, help change America to where there is equality away from the century spanning oppression and privilege. Help change the presentation in film too, otherwise: face the facts. He couldnu0026#39;t have changed who were his parents any more than anyone else, but it is what he does with the privilege thatu0026#39;s important. He still respected and treated others well, listened to them, tried to help. Whether it succeeded later was immaterial. We were just presented a u0026quot;slice of life.u0026quot; Jimmy lost a big job from his own culpability then went to work in a comparatively u0026quot;lesseru0026quot; job from the perspective of his parents and former colleagues, but found he liked it better as it was entirely more honest. One wishes more WMC might have such an awakening and the country and world would be a better place.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDanny Glover was a nice but typical mentor, but it was a far better role than many heu0026#39;s recently played in low budget/rating action films. Otherwise, the acting was okay in general, and nothing special about the filming or location but I liked it. Yes, there were very stereotypical portrayals of minority people that lessened the whole. That crap really isnu0026#39;t necessary to be comical, and it just unnecessarily brought the film down a couple of levels to maybe get a laugh or two, but I liked the main characters. They were believable. The story wasnu0026#39;t anything new but it was an hour and a half of likability. Also was nice to see u0026quot;Beetroot McKinleyu0026quot; again.”


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