Love in Translation (TV Movie 2021)

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Love in Translation (TV Movie 2021). Love in Translation: Directed by Adrian Langley. With Michelle Argyris, Corey Sevier, Elise Bauman, Deborah Grover. Linguistics Ph.D. student Julie, can speak almost every language you can imagine. Things turn upside down for Julie when handsome Dan, contacts her to get some French classes. Sparks soon fly – could this be their perfect match?

“About many Hallmark films I say nice. As a fair compromise about a genre not brilliant but comfortable . In this case, silly sounds more than reasonable. Not for film itself but for many scenes. The dialogue is the best example. So, a film with Corey Sevier, saved by French language, unrealistic at whole but acceptable. So, silly puzzle, not so bad use of classic recipe – the parents of Daniel are the basic explanation.”


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