To Be Someone (2020)

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To Be Someone (2020). To Be Someone: Directed by Ray Burdis. With Sam Gittins, George Appleby, Leslie Ash, Amelia Bath. A lighthearted adventure movie set in the world of Mods.

“As this film is supposed to be set in the era of the mods in the early 60s can someone please explain to me as someone who grew up in the early 60s with a sister who was a mod, why there are wind turbines in the fields, why the road sweep is wearing an hi Viz coat. Why does the sweep use a Stanley sweeping brush made in 2018. Then pick a 21st century £10 note up. Why are the mods wearing full face helmets. Why are the passengers in the Jag wearing seat belts. Why do the yardis drive a 2004 transit van. Why do the police turn up in 4×4 vehicles. Why is the music not from the era. Then add actors from Quadraphenia hoping to make it a little realistic. If they are going to try and make a film that is in a era past then at least try and make it authentic. Poor story line.”


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