The Bible: A Brickfilm – Part One (2020)

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The Bible: A Brickfilm – Part One (2020). The Bible: A Brickfilm – Part One: Directed by Josh Carroll. With Scott Panfill, Tim Plewman, Scott Tunnix, Laith Wallschleger. THE BIBLE: A BRICKFILM is the first film in a groundbreaking trilogy that tells the entire story of the Bible – Genesis to Revelation – thorough the eyes of LEGO characters.

“Yet another desperate attempt to indoctrinate kids with the parentsu0026#39; favourite mythology through popular toy merchandise. How shamefully low can an apologist go trying to run through their delusion by worming it into popular culture for juveniles. The culturally fabricated god figure these skunks adhere to would quite warrantedly – by their own definition of the same – be upset and ashamed of them producing such manure in its name.”


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