A Perfect Match (2021)

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A Perfect Match (2021). A Perfect Match: Directed by Adam Swica. With Emily Alatalo, Chad Connell, Natalie Lisinska, Sonia Dhillon Tully. When Zoe Williams has to prove to a big investor that her company’s new dating app works, she tests it on herself and soon ends up on a date with her complete opposite, Oliver Beckett, an easygoing, spontaneous artist. Huh. Not exactly Zoe’s type. Even though it’s clear the pair have chemistry, Zoe’s worried- could something be wrong with DigiLove’s algorithm? Or is it true when people say “opposites attract”?

“u0026quot;Forumu0026quot; is one film adaptation of a Broadway musical that is a half-glass of water. On the half-full side we get to see Zero Mostel and Jack Gilford reprising their Broadway roles, and theyu0026#39;re joined by a fine supporting cast including Phil Silvers as Lycus (ironically, he would star as Pseudolus in the 1972 Broadway revival) and Buster Keaton in his last film. But even though the film delivers the laughs and opens itself up well from its stage origins (letu0026#39;s face it. That climactic chase in the Broadway version is wonderful but it just wouldnu0026#39;t work on film at all). But what I canu0026#39;t forgive is how nearly three-quarters of Sondheimu0026#39;s outstanding score (his best I think) has been jettisoned to give us a too short running time of barely an hour and a half. And on top of that, why do *both* of Milos Gloriosusu0026#39;s numbers get kept, while Mostelu0026#39;s two best numbers from Broadway, u0026quot;Pretty Little Pictureu0026quot; and u0026quot;Freeu0026quot; (which is supposed to be the heart of the show) are gone (along with Gilfordu0026#39;s u0026quot;Iu0026#39;m Calmu0026quot;)? That, I do not understand at all. Itu0026#39;s gotten to a point where I purposefully stop the film after Psuedolus falls out of the tree so I can then play Mostelu0026#39;s version of u0026quot;Freeu0026quot; from the Broadway cast CD (which is where it would have belonged in the film). And itu0026#39;s too bad this wasnu0026#39;t a roadshow movie with an intermission because Mostelu0026#39;s funny Act One closer would have worked great there as well.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAll in all itu0026#39;s worth having, but be prepared for your mood to shift from seeing the film as a half-full glass or a half-empty one.”


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