Bring Your Own Brigade (2021)

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Bring Your Own Brigade (2021). Bring Your Own Brigade: Directed by Lucy Walker. With Trina Cunningham, Mike Davis, Don Hankins, Chad Hanson. An investigation into our landscape’s hidden fire stories and on-the-ground experiences of firefighters and residents struggling through deadly fires.

“This film was very inspirational and thought provoking. It also made me laugh and cry. I enjoyed the ride completely from start to finish. Everyone in my home could relate to this film. I especially loved how the family worked together, despite moments of friction, to support each other. Being over forty myself and a singer/songwriter, I completely identified with the character played by the super talented Maggie Baird. My son, who is a teenager, loved the acting and the music by the mega-talented Finneas Baird Ou0026#39;Connell. We both loved watching the relationship and support between these two characters and could completely relate. All of the music in the film was superb. I wish more movies like this one would be made, because it is a great reflection of life and how things can work themselves out in a positive way if we are open to them and support each other. Loved the cinematography, humor, passion and artistry. A must see film!”


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