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Rushed (2021). Rushed: Directed by Vibeke Muasya. With Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Robert Patrick, Ellie Frankel, Liam Hogan. Barbara O’Brien, an Irish Catholic mother, has her life turned upside-down when her son, a freshman in college, is involved in a tragic hazing incident.

“A technically well made film with An exiting build-up, thatt, helas, ends up as an unsatisfactory TV movie level opportunities missed production.. In spite of especially the motheru0026#39;s good acting performance. The way too smoothly finale leaves us behind with all sorts of major unanswered script storyline questions as, has anything ever been done with all of the collected interviews video material of all of the other grieving mothers ? Was the frat leader ever sentenced ? Was the senator ever exposed ? Even if only a fictional individual case, still with so many loose ends that it brings down what could have easily been a film of real depth into large scale current issues contents value to the level of little more than a simple sentimental family drama, a pulp fiction tale of not even a decently elaborate revenge. The family members themselves and their interactions are so overly romantized that even while under alledged extreme pressure no-one ever looses control of their emotions.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAnd while the siblings of the victim just keep on smiling, the dad, who is presumed to be some kind of former hardman, does is nothing at all, he just continues to go to work and takes absolutely no action whatsoever.. With, as a result, that I personally, with the exception of them mom, couldnu0026#39;t identify to any of the other family members as real world people at all. And last but not least, I do think the director of this movie does show talent and promise indeed, but that a lot of professionalism could definitely be gained by learning how to make ends meet. Because in the end, the fact that no justice has been served, no promises to any of the other victims have been kept, and absolutely nothing has changed for the better, did leave me personally behind with the sensation of having enjoyed a wonderful appetizer while the main course never came.. And since all we are left with is the picture of the fairy content remains of our (never arguing with eachother about anything) modern day Waltons family, going back to business as usual as like almost nothing had happened at all, I suppose it would probably be best if we viewers would simply do exactly the same.”


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