Seoul Searching (2015)

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Seoul Searching: Directed by Benson Lee. With Justin Chon, Jessika Van, In-Pyo Cha, Teo Yoo. In 1986, a group of foreign born Korean teenagers attend a summer camp in South Korea.

“In an attempt to have foreign-born teenagers become reacquainted with their native culture, the South Korean government developed a summer camp program complete with lessons in language, calligraphy and martial arts (to name a few). Based on a true story, director Benson Lee introduces us to the 1986 class of misfits comprised of the punk (Justin Chon), the princess (Jessika Van), the ladies man (Esteban Ahn), the conservative (Teo Yoo), and the racist military brat (Albert Kong), all of whom are under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Kim (In-Pyo Cha). As the students drink, sneak off campus, fight with opposing schools, and fall in love, they all face their inner demons and discover what it means to be Korean. Lee gives a revitalized version of u0026quot;Meatballsu0026quot; with heart and soul, and the 80s soundtrack is one of the best compilations I have heard from a movie in years. The standout comedic performance comes from Ahnu0026#39;s Sergio from Mexico, but itu0026#39;s Chonu0026#39;s bad boy with a heart of gold that leaves you wanting more. While the government eventually shut the program down due to the rowdiness, hereu0026#39;s hoping weu0026#39;ll get a chance to see the class of 1987 next year! -Jimmy Martin”


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