Playing Hard (2018)

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Playing Hard: Directed by Jean-Simon Chartier. With Stéphane Cardin, Luc Duchaine, Yannis Mallat, Jason Vandenberghe. The human tale behind the creation of a blockbuster game.

“This must be the worst documentary ever made, is very slow, follows the development of a videogame called u0026quot;For Honoru0026quot; and then, for some reason, skips 3 months entirely, then goes to the release but mostly is a one-sided monologue from one of the creators of the game, Jason VandenBerge, who eventually we learn that he lost creative control of the game…. we never know why and we never receive an explanation for it…. leaving us wondering why??–did I wasted two hours of my life watching this??nFor a much better and well researched and produced documentary, watch u0026quot;League of Legends: Originsu0026quot; also on Netflix”


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