Broken Hallelujah (2014)

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Broken Hallelujah: Directed by Alastair Riddell. With Ben Mitchell, Vanessa Riddell, Greg Smith, Roussel Dubois. Three families bound by love and broken by betrayal, each reach breaking point until a single event brings them together. Can desperateness and frustration turn to hope and compassion? Three loves, three lies, one more chance.

“A thoughtful take on contemporary life in The North Island, Auckland, New Zealand. Beautiful imagery of the West Coast combined with a handsome soundtrack and sensitive performances make this a must see for art house and movie buffs alike. Issues that are all too common these days are tackled well by the actors, the generational dynamic, pressure on young families and peer resonate. Having good intentions doesnu0026#39;t cut it if thereu0026#39;s an economic crash and communication breakdown is one example here. Folk – do make bad choices sometimes, we are human after all but if we can stop and enjoy the little things (corny as it sounds) there is still hope.. Greg Smith is a stand out as is the child who plays the lead actresses daughter in the early scenes.”


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