Mukherjee Dar Bou (2019)

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Mukherjee Dar Bou: Directed by Pritha Chakraborty. With Aparajita Adhya, Koneenica Banerjee, Biswanath Basu, Shankar Chakraborty. Mukherjee Dar Bou is a story based on a modern dysfunctional family revolving around the complex and intricate yet caring relationship of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The story revolves around a Bengali home maker whose name is not known till the end of the film, and who is mostly referred as “Mukherjee Dar Bou”. Mukherjee Dar Bou (Aditi) is married for more than ten years and has a daughter of six years old . Aditi’s married life was usual but it takes a turn when her father-in-law passes away.

“The story of every quintessential household.. The story of prosaic banalities and of the friction of everyday life… Where the family members try to find their existence through myriad twists and turns of everyday life.. Where they try to put their desires on the other persons shoulders thus overburdening themselves in the process as well.. The movie is very well knit with extreme attention to details.. Where each and every character contributes in their own way to make the story come to life.. Where every u0026quot;Mukherjee dar Bouu0026quot; tries to find the true meaning of existence… Where every mother in law finds their daughter within their sons wifeu0026#39;s and where a new dawn ushers after every dark night… Cudos to the entire team for gifting us such an apt realization… Hereu0026#39;s to many such pious endeavours to come.. God Bless”


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