Ola de crímenes (2018)

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Ola de crímenes: Directed by Gracia Querejeta. With Maribel Verdú, Juana Acosta, Paula Echevarría, Antonio Resines. A desperate housewife tries to cover up her son after he kills his father.

“This popular charade deals with a fistful of famed Spanish stars committing multiple killings . Leyre (Maribel Verdú) is a botcher as well as hyperactive housewife , she is a forty-something woman that attempts to open a cupcakes shop . Divorced of Cosme (Luis Tosar) , who is married in second terms with Vanesa (Paula Echevarria) , her attempt to build a life for herself and her adolescent son Asier turns upside-down after realising a terrible event . Attempting to save Asier (Rikarte) to go prison, Leyre will stop at nothing and suggested by Asier, goes to a bar implying a cabman (Raul Arevalo) . But Vanesa (Paula Echevarria) and her mean advocate at law Susana (Juana Acosta) begin the searching of Cosme and specially of his cell phone , which it contains evidences enough to reveal an entire web of malicious business implying other important Bilbaou0026#39;s CEOs . Things go wrong when Julen (Miguel Bernardeau) , Asieru0026#39;s best friend , who is falling in love with Leyre and he then blackmails her and attempts to seduce her at any cost . At the same time Leyreu0026#39;s mother Paqui and her caregiver Evelyn move where Leyre after a flood in Paquiu0026#39;s house. Meantime , Vanesa and Susana are looking for save their position and their business, and they think alternative and aggressive plan to accuse falsely Leyre, hoping to find the cell phone . Along the way Ertzainas (Antonio Resines) are investigating the surprising crimes with fateful consequences.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enIt results to be an entertaining and bemusing spoof of murder mysteries . It is in fact an amusing imitation of Crime Story , including charming and sympathetic performances by the entire cast . Concerning the absent-minded Asier killed his father during a Cosmeu0026#39;s visit when he started to despise openly his son , while his mother Maribel Verdú attempts to hide the corpse , diverting any suspicion of crime committed , adding other happenings , as a lost cell phone that can destroy a nefarious company and a twisted intrigue by Paula Echevarria and Juana Acosta to avoid that Asier heirs the half of Cosmeu0026#39;s inheritance and a plus of troubles . Well-known actors at large in the bustling Bilbao with a criminal spree , then it appears amusement and entertainment , as all of them running around and taking place murders , whatu0026#39;s the next killing? . It is in fact a pale imitation of the earlier , much better and more satisfying cime spoof as¨Murder by death¨ by Robert Moore and ¨Clue¨ by Jonathan Lynn , in which happen loads of silly crimes . This is an inferior but enjoyable imitation of the previous parodies . It is an entertaining and fun comedy of murders in which the laughs pile up before your eyes ; nevertheless , Gracia Querejeta has got little success in keeping the bizarre and grotesque appearances of the actors in hyperactive movement , shouting and frantic running around , principally from Maribel Verdú . Despite the ridiculous and unnecessary camera movements , Querejeta manages to maintain an incoherent and confusing plot plenty of twists and turns . The entire cast seems to be subsisting on sugar with wild eyes and frenetic movements the order of the day . Youu0026#39;ll enjoy enormously the impersonations of the strange and nutty characters . Cast is formed by popular actors , such as : Maribel Verdú as a desperate housewife tries to cover up her son after he kills his father . Paula Echevarria as a jealous wife who seeks vengeance and money , as well as Juana Acosta as an ambitious lawyer . Brief acting by Luis Tosar as a corrupt CEO , and Raul Arevalo as a gullible taxi driver who becomes involved in a fake scene of harassment to pay attention and having an alibi. Antonio Resines as an agent of the Ertzaina , Basque Countryu0026#39;s local police, among others . And Javier Cámara as a naive priest who hears the surprising confession by Leyre : Maribel Verdú.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eColorful and adequate cinematography by Ángel Amorós and David Omedes shot on location in the noisy Bilbao , Basque Country (north to Spain) . And ample sightseeing from The Vizcaya Bridge (Bizkaiko Zubia in Basque, Puente de Vizcaya in Spanish), it is a transporter bridge that links the towns of Portugalete and Las Arenas (part of Getxo) in the Biscay province of Spain, crossing the mouth of the Nervion River. People in the area, and even the official website, commonly call it the Puente Colgante (literally u0026quot;hanging bridgeu0026quot;, used for suspension bridge in Spanish), although its structure is quite different from a suspension bridge . It contains an intriguing and lively musical score by Federico Jusid . Federico is considered to be one of the best Spanish/Argentinean composers with a lot of hits , such as ¨Club Incomprendidos¨ , ¨Francisco , El Padre Jorge¨ ,¨La Corona Partida¨ and for TV as ¨Carlos Rey Emperador¨ and ¨Isabel¨ series . The motion picture was regularly directed by Gracia Querejeta , realized in her particular style . Querejeta is particularly known by making films about the underprivileged and dealing with provoking issues . Gracia Querejeta was born (1963) in Madrid , where she uses to shoot her pictures . Daughter of costume designer Maiki Marín and the noted producer , recently deceased , Elías Querejeta . Gracia is a notorious director and writer , known for ¨Siete Mesas Billar Francés¨ 2007 , ¨Héctor¨, ¨Cuando Vuelvas a Mi Lado¨ 1999 , ¨El Ultimo Viaje Robert Rylands¨ 1996 , ¨Una Estación de Paso¨ 1992 , ¨Felices 140¨ that failed at box office , being her most successful movie : ¨15 Años Y 1 Dia¨ , that achieved Goya Awards . Rating : 5/10 . Average.”


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