Club Utopia (2013)

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Club Utopia: Directed by Frank A. Caruso. With Elise Muller, Srdjan Nikolic, Frank A. Caruso, Brett Halsey. Beautiful neurotic housewife becomes an exotic dancer in order to escape paradoxical cheating-boring husband who has a severe foot fetish that she abhors.

“This film would appeal to a wide audience. It has some adult content, but it is not vulgar. It has scenes in a strip club but there is no full nudity and the strippers scenes are u0026quot;respectableu0026quot;. What I mean is, if a person wanted real bump and grind, down and dirty strippers, they wouldnu0026#39;t find them in this film. We see Sally, the wife trapped in a boring wholesome life, transform from a clean-cut young wife into a bold angry wife who wants to get even with her cheating husband. The drama is tongue-in-cheek, much to laugh at, and an interesting story line to maintain interest. The cast of likable characters was well chosen. As one of the earlier reviewers stated, this film is similar to u0026quot;I Love You To Deathu0026quot; with Kevin Kline and Tracy Ullman a 1990 film that I loved.”


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