A Primeira Tentação de Cristo (2019)

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A Primeira Tentação de Cristo: Directed by Rodrigo Van Der Put. With Gregório Duvivier, Fábio Porchat, Antonio Tabet, Evelyn Castro. Jesus, who’s hitting the big 3-0, brings a surprise guest to meet the family.

“Well, well … Mocking Christianity a la Zorra Total always returns safe audience indexes. no doubt … The phrase Porta-dos-fundos (u0026quot;Back dooru0026quot;) is a self-evident metaphor for that (moderately situated) hole with which pseudo-comics think they can u0026quot;createu0026quot; something rectal… and which they often use to ingest their brainy vitamin, which, the more juicy and suppository it is, the better of course … I just would like to see these mocking queers mock the Prophet Muhammad rather than the Bethlehem family… Je suis Charlie, O vile rabble! I dare you to…n¨Backdoor¨ is also an obvious synonym for ¨The Bottom of the Well¨- the perfect metaphor that sums up the Brazilian pseudo state-of-the-art as of the 2010s. How could such stupidity take root among them?nPS I noticed that there are Jews in the u0026quot;castu0026quot;. Come on! Struggling by u0026amp; stumbling across the vile metalloid isnu0026#39;t always the best advice. Personally I do believe in your Satan, but I do my best to impose limits on an eventual degradation. You should do likewise… You should not humiliate yourselves like this. There is hope in this miserable life… Be aware that: the vineyard gave the grape, the stalk gave the grain and thus the table will be set in the kingdom of those who do not overflow … Therefore all I can say is… Vade retro me Posticum!”


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