Eine Frau (Short 1915)

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Eine Frau: Directed by Charles Chaplin. With Charles Chaplin, Billy Armstrong, Marta Golden, Charles Inslee. A man disguises himself as a lady in order to be near his newfound sweetheart, after her father has forbidden her to see him.

“The king of comedy Charles Chaplin is hilarious in this 1915 silent short comedy.Once again Charlie gets in trouble.He is chased by two men and they go in a house.Chaplin goes upstairs as a man and comes down as a woman.And the chasers find him very attractive.Edna Purviance finds this situation very amusing.Man as a woman has been seen very many times in movies and many times itu0026#39;s funny.Chape certainly proves it in this movie.Chaplin makes a perfect lady.This movie is 20 minutes of fun.A Woman is a very lovable comedy flick from the master.I recommend it for everybody who likes to see Chaplin as a woman.And this was made long before Tootsie.”


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