For the Love of George (2018)

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For the Love of George: Directed by Maria Burton. With Nadia Jordan, Rex Lee, Rosanna Arquette, Tate Donovan. Quirky comedy about a jilted wife who leaves her cheating husband in England and sets off to LA hoping to meet who she believes is the perfect man – George Clooney.

“I enjoyed this movie. It had a unique story and fun characters. It centers around Poppy, a long time married woman, whou0026#39;s catches her husband with another women. She take off and goes in search of her celebrity crush, who happens to be George Clooney! This is definitely more of a film that will appeal to women. It was directed by Maria Burton and written by Nadia Jordan (who plays Poppy) and Hayley Nolan and has a whole load of female characters. Loved the message it got over too!”


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