Members Only (2017)

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Members Only: Directed by Mic-go Ngan. With Yoyo Fung, Kyle Li, Bryant Ji-Lok Mak, Julius Brian Siswojo. Balcony is the most luxurious members-only clubhouse in town, where investment analyst Stephen comes across millionaire Lucas, stock broker Master Alan and prostitute Milo.

“This was a film I really looked forward to seeing, as having missed itu0026#39;s brief stint at the cinema, where the film almost went unnoticed. In all honestly, Iu0026#39;m glad I did miss it. We know what weu0026#39;re in store for, but weu0026#39;re let down on so many cylinders. Balcony, is an exclusive sexc lub, where successful early 20 something yuppies go for a bit of oh lala- yes itu0026#39;s a very elite club, offering only the finest young Asian beauties who can satisfy the 9-5u0026#39;ers of the stock market, taking off the worries and stresses of the door, where business looks pretty good too. The first colorful ten minutes really offered something, and there are some stylish sex scenes in the film, some yum yum, but after those first ten minutes, it sadly falls to familiar predicabiliteu0026#39;s Iu0026#39;ve seen in other Asian student sex films. For example, one beauty whou0026#39;s just started, who looks really young, has an abusive and pushy boyfriend, and falls in a relationship with her boss at the club. We have another beauty, going out with a geeky client. Itu0026#39;s just so clicheu0026#39;d of these type of Asian pics. I honestly thought, it would be much more set in the club, but the well meaning film, dwells on the working girlu0026#39;s lives but with seen before scenarios. Itu0026#39;s a major reason, Iu0026#39;m glad I missed this. The film is hardly erotic, too. There are a couple of hot moments. Youu0026#39;ll see the most un arousing female masturbation scene thatu0026#39;s as erotic as a hardly buttered Cruskit, or rye bread. This is just an unexceptional, forgettable film, which could of been done much better, especially made more livelier, and colorful, like those first couple of minutes. But itu0026#39;s a dreary, and partly sleepy film, not the lively and exciting one, it should of been. But read and learn.”


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