In from the Night (TV Movie 2006)

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In from the Night: Directed by Peter Levin. With Marcia Gay Harden, Taylor Handley, Thomas Gibson, Kate Nelligan. After ten years without contact, Bobby Miller (16) shows up famished, exhausted and nightmare-ridden at would be-author Victoria ‘Vicki’ Miller’s home. He ran away from his wicked, selfish mother Priscilla and spineless dad, Vicky’s brother Rob. Their late dad took Bobby away as a neglected baby to be raised with Vicky’s sister Ruth, her husband and their kids, until dad’s death allowed his Bobby’s dad Rob to file successfully to regain custody. Soon after, Victoria has to choose between concentrating on her novelist career, aided by brilliant publishing adviser Aiden Byrnes, or help doing the right thing for Bobby, and blood proves strong enough to engage lawyer-friend Ned Alvarez to fight for emancipation. But gaining that doesn’t solve everything for the uneducated though bright knave, who soon makes makes dubious punker ‘friends’ and harbors a dark trauma.

“Another one that I missed many years ago. Watched it on Hallmark Drama 2/3/2020. What a wonderful and inspiring movie. The acting is superb. The chemistry between Vicki and Bobby is amazing. The portrayal of the disfunction in the family is totally on-point. Denial, blame, lack of affection – itu0026#39;s all there. Marcia Gay Harden is magnificent in this role. You feel her pain. You feel her love. AND you see her change. Same with Bobby (Tyler Handley). I DVRd it – and didnu0026#39;t delete it – will watch it again. Highly recommend…”


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