Mei Lanfang (2008)

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Mei Lanfang: Directed by Kaige Chen. With Leon Lai, Ziyi Zhang, Honglei Sun, Hong Chen. A biographical account of Mei Lanfang, China’s greatest opera star.

“Accompanied by two girl mates, I went to watch Mei Lanfang. When u0026quot;the endu0026quot; showed on the screen, I found that both of them were crying. To be honest, I was a little bit confused at that moment–does it really worth the tear? Compared with Cheng Kaigeu0026#39;s previous film u0026quot;Wu Jiu0026quot;, u0026quot;Mei Lanfangu0026quot; is really a good movie, just good. It is not the first time for Cheng to make a film connected with Pecking opera. In 1993, his Golden Palm winning filmu0026quot; Ba Wang Bie Jiu0026quot; really made the history. Althoug u0026quot;Mei Lanfangu0026quot; is a biographic film about the most famous Chinese Pecking opera actor, although it is more than 2 hours long, it failed to reach u0026quot;Ba Wang Bie Jiu0026quot;standard, just too slight.”


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