The Golden Scallop (2013)

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The Golden Scallop: Directed by Joseph Laraja. With James Cosmo, Nicole Steinwedell, Marnie Schulenburg, Brian Anthony Wilson. Every year since 1969 the best three fried fish restaurants in the northeast have competed in the Golden Scallop Championship. The 43rd annual pits a food truck seeking redemption, an aging former champion and a well financed, novelty friendly fish house against each other in the truest test of short order cooking mettle. Follow the excitement, hilarity, and chaos as “The Golden Scallop” tracks these teams from selection till the glory of victory or the agony of defeat.

“Itu0026#39;s no surprise this film won the Austin Film Festival Audience Award. Itu0026#39;s hilarious and just realistic enough to make anyone who has worked in the restaurant business nod knowingly (or cringe, if an owner.) The story moves along quickly as we follow the trials and triumphs of of some dedicated, but occasionally clueless competitors. James Cosmos is great as the old New Englander judge and the rest of the cast shines. The writing is crisp and strikes a perfect balance of sincerity and silliness. The local color shown through the on-location filming on Cape Cod gives the film an authentic New England feeling and adds to the realism of the competition. These guys know their way around a fryolator! The 43rd Golden Scallop does for the restaurant business what u0026quot;Best in Showu0026quot; did for the Show dog circuit. I loved it.”


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