Machined Reborn (Video 2009)

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Machined Reborn: Directed by Craig McMahon. With Jimmy Flowers, David C. Hayes, Davina Joy, Kathleen Benner. A couple moves onto a property in Arizona that used to be a torture ground owned by a serial killer, who rises for one more round of terror.

“This film is as ridiculous as they come. Absolutely a moronic plot about a serial killer who comes back for one last spree. The torture is something rarely developed with machines and barbaric dismemberment. David C Hayes as Motorman is brilliantly played, but lacks menace.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enThe character Cade is so traumatized he dons a metal face plate and body armor while wearing a scalp such as an homage to Leatherface. The kill sequences are not very well played out, the acting is horrible and the editing is very rough. Throughout the film you can see the cuts when put together and shakiness via camera angles. This film could be a cult classic in the defiantly bad portion, but you will watch. 5/10”


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