B.A. Pass (2012)

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B.A. Pass: Directed by Ajay Bahl. With Shadab Kamal, Shilpa Shukla, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Shikha Joshi. A young boy is seduced by a woman who later turns him into a gigolo (male prostitute).

“The movie is an adaptation of the story railway aunt and its just fine noir The highlight was the aunt character played by Shilpa Shukla, who stole the entire movie. The thing that made me like this movie is the uneasy ambiance surrounding the poor boy throughout the movie. The scenes when the boy takes his feelings to the zenith when his sisters were troubled and when he is treated as a servant in his own relativesu0026#39; house were shown so aptly. Had few issues like the reason the boy took up u0026#39;thatu0026#39; job/gig (see the movie and youu0026#39;ll know it) is still questionable to the book writer/director. The screenplay is cool for a débutant but couldu0026#39;ve made far better with such a twist in the climax.”


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