Demon Nun (2020)

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Demon Nun: Directed by Max Dementor. With Gene DiNapoli, Maria de Jesus Castellon, Nick DeMatteo, Johnny Stevenson. A woman who is struggling with the conflict between her faith and her personal life must defend herself against the spirit of a demonic nun who is bent on destroying her.

“I knew something was off at the beginning of the movie! The camera angles were horrible! The acting is hilariously bad! If you want a good laugh buy it because I was laughing throughout the movie. First off, one of the scenes they are talking on their cellphones and the whole time the screen was off! Lol Also, the scene when the lady is possessed is comical! You could see the shadow of someone squeezing u0026quot;bloodu0026quot; on the wall lol I give this movie a 1 but a 10 for entertainment.”


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