Black Emanuelle (1975)

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Black Emanuelle: Directed by Bitto Albertini. With Laura Gemser, Karin Schubert, Angelo Infanti, Isabelle Marchall. While on assignment in Nairobi, a photojournalist questions her racial and sexual identity when she engages in affairs with her wealthy hosts.

“This u0026quot;Black Emmanuelleu0026quot; is a typical Italian cinema product of the 70u0026#39;s. Whenever there was a new u0026amp; popular trend at the movies, whether it was in horror, Sci-Fi or drama, Italian cinema would immediately cash in on it by rapidly creating their own equivalent. The story basics would be pretty much identical to the original product, but the Italian version would distinguish itself with either more gore, more violence or (much) more sleaze. Following the immense success of the French film u0026quot;Emmanuelleu0026quot; starring Sylvia Kristel (bearing in mind that, for once, that film already is a rip-off itself), Italy came up with its own insatiable sex nymph who ends every line she says by taking her top of. The gorgeously stunning Laura Gemser plays a photographer called Emanuelle (notice how thereu0026#39;s only one u0026quot;mu0026quot; in her name to avoid legal difficulties) who travels to Africa for…no particular reason, actually! No reason other than to have random sex with a bunch of rich males and females that do nothing all day but throw parties and lay down by the pool. The film itself is quite dull, with the exception of several beautiful shots of the African wildlife, but Gemser is pure candy to look at and the original music by Nico Fidenco is among the best Iu0026#39;ve ever heard. This first film in a series of 8 starring Gemser strangely also is the least eccentric and most common one! The directing would later be taken over by the infamous Joe Du0026#39;Amato who transformed Black Emanuelle into a trashy sex-guru that shows her sexual skills in all the corners of the world, from Asia to America and even among cannibal tribes and inside female prisons! In this first film, Emanuelle still is a sensitive and emotional girl whereas sheu0026#39;s be a dominating shrew in the later films. No extreme sleaze-stuff happening here, like horse-masturbating for example (check u0026quot;Emanuelle in Americau0026quot;) which is probably why my national TV-station programmed it on Saturday night. However, if you happen to have an original copy, you should treasure it, as this is an extremely rare and hard to find movie!”


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