Tom Segura: Completely Normal (TV Special 2014)

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Tom Segura: Completely Normal: Directed by Jay Chapman. With Tom Segura. Levelheaded stand-up Tom Segura shares offhand appraisals on hotels and opens up about his hobbies and digestive ailments in this comedy special.

“There is nothing better to relax a little bit than a good stand-up comedy show. To me a good stand-up comedian has to have the mimics, but most important his humor has to be sarcastic, or at least a little bit. Tom Segura has that kind of humor and thatu0026#39;s what I like about him the most. You must be able to laugh with almost anything. Life is too short to take it that seriously. Maybe some people donu0026#39;t find it appropriate to laugh with diseases like cancer or some other lethal diseases but I think it is totally possible as long as you donu0026#39;t laugh at somebody specifically. Tom Segura: Completely Normal might not be a show for everybody but if you like a bit of u0026#39;wrongu0026#39; humor then you probably will like this stand-up comedy.”


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