Sacrilege (2020)

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Sacrilege: Directed by David Creed. With Tamaryn Payne, Emily Wyatt, Sian Abrahams, Naomi Willow. Four lifelong friends head to a remote lodge for a weekend of fun. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly descends into a fight for their lives when a local Pagan cult offer them up to their Goddess as a sacrifice for the Solstice.

“I donu0026#39;t know whou0026#39;s giving this film good was awful. The bar for British horror is clearly not set very high going by how well received it been by some reviewers. The film has a very promising opening sequence but it very quickly goes downhill with woefully written dialogue, not the best acting (though how much of that is down how the cast were directed to perform) and a predictable sparse over-trodden storyline. The main cast are all u0026#39;hotu0026#39; young women with little thought taken to giving them any kind of character other than the superficial female stereotypes. I take it that this is the first movie from this director/screenwriter so I will cut them some slack (I gave two stars rather than the one it really merits) but they really need to do their background work on how women actually behave and interact with each other if they ever want their films to be taken seriously. It would be a passable movie if made in 1974 but not 2020. Come on get your act together you can do better than this…”


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