Psycho Granny (2019)

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Psycho Granny: Directed by Rebekah McKendry. With Robin Riker, Brooke Newton, Matthew Lawrence, Mary O’Neil. After Samantha’s mother passes away, her spirits are lifted with the sudden appearance of her long-lost grandmother Colleen. All is well until Colleen’s dark past reveals itself and Sam is forced to fight for her life.

“Just bad. The acting is stiff and awkward, the writing is bad, the best part of it is the grandmother and even her lines are less than convincing. The storyline is weak and I literally couldnu0026#39;t care less about any of the characters, none of them are really that likeable or have much personality. Theyu0026#39;re just boring people with boring lines Iu0026#39;m afraid.”


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