Zweimal sterben ist einmal zuviel (2010)

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Zweimal sterben ist einmal zuviel: Directed by Sérgio Machado. With Paulo José, Mariana Ximenes, Vladimir Brichta, Milton Gonçalves. Friends of the recently deceased Quincas take their pal’s body on one last tour of his favorite spots in Brazil’s Bahia.

“Chandler is funny as usual. Even extra funny with his looks after coming straight from the bed: his hair tangled, his irritated look! Amazing Actor! Joey :thumbs up:! Phoebe: pregnant! Need I say more? Monica: Obsessive.  Wah-Pah! Hysterical. Rachel : extravagant. Ross: idiot. Seriously great lines but acting could use some work. Which is sad since we know his most recent income was from Madagascar 3 as Melman! Aniston is brilliant as usual in u0026#39;suppressing her jealousyu0026#39; act. Monica looks hideous in Emilyu0026#39;s dress. Joey snores annoyingly. Another good piece of acting. Hysterical performance by Kudrow. Cox tries very hard though. The story is nicely written with humor dissolved in rightly and timely. I loved this episode utterly. My Rating: 8/10.”


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