Bei Madame Coco (1965)

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Bei Madame Coco: Directed by Norman Jewison. With James Garner, Dick Van Dyke, Elke Sommer, Angie Dickinson. Struggling artist fakes his own death so his works will increase in value.

“Theowinthrop: u0026quot;There is also a short story by Mark Twain entitled u0026quot;IS HE DEAD?u0026quot; about a plot to make a reputation for a prominent 19th Century artist, Gustave Courbet, by him pretending to be dead, and his paintings being sold for larger and larger amounts of cash so that the still living Courbet and his friends make a huge profit.u0026quot; It was Millet, the artist responsible for THE GLEANERS and other works, who faked his death in order to raise the value of his art. Twain later turned the scam into a play, IS HE DEAD?, which finally got discovered in 2002 and produced on stage in 2007.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThat said, THE ART OF LOVE has long been one of my u0026quot;Favorite Films I Havenu0026#39;t Seen in a Long Long Time.u0026quot; The lack of video release is depressing. Hopefully Universal will start a cable movie channel dedicated to its own films, much like Fox Movie Channel (a great place to see long-forgotten flicks like PRUDENCE AND THE PILL).”


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