Grindsploitation 5: Schlocksploitation (2018)

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Grindsploitation 5: Schlocksploitation: Directed by Tony Newton, Adeel Abbasi, Rafiqul Alam, Mathieu Berthon, Randal Black, Thomas Blanchard, Ylenia Crosta Mancin, Chris Dasinger, Paul Doherty, Jason Figgis, Daniel Fowlie, Tom Gore, Jon Grunez, J. Winfield Heckert, Nicolas Huck, Robin Huck, Myles Hughes, Jason Impey, Kieran Johnston, Sam Mason-Bell, Rob Preciado, Noel J. Rainford, Sylvester Sletten, Justin N. Smith, Justin W. Smith, Brad Twigg, Jaron Wallace, Travis Worthey. With Terrence Betts, Ylenia Crosta Mancin, Gloria Crosta, David Foster. The fifth installment in the exploitation anthology series, from the same twisted minds that brought you Grindsploitation, Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels , Grindsploitation 3: Video Nasty, and Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation.

“Saw her segment. This is the same girl whou0026#39;s been causing drama online and given everybody a bad time. Awful performance. Little girl should stop acting.”


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