Heavy Duty Lovers (2021)

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Heavy Duty Lovers: Directed by Luis Estrada, Lou Pizarro. With Lou Pizarro, Lucia Boke, Leni Rico, Zamara Jimenez. L.A. attorney finds himself with a broken heart and thinks his life is over until he meets his soulmate from a different country, who has just experienced the same heart broken experience from her evil spouse. They are about to realize that the one thing that cost their spouses to abandoned them is also the one thing that will bring them together, “food”.

“Humour, coherence, story and plot. Its so gross on acting, unbelievable bad cinematography(to use this nice word is like profanity in the movie theater), sound quality seems outtareach, and forgotten to hang on the u0026#39;u0026#39;lice, mice or mikeu0026#39;u0026#39;, the score is a simple blow into a saxophone, and the title heavy duty lovers is as misleading as could be. They have even made room for our beloved eric roberts too, but that doesnt help the movie at all apart from schedueling the plot. Its a messy daft and litteraly stupid story about food, love and greed.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eTalking about cast line, the efforts done is at a low c-division standard. But what may surprise you is some of the chubby checkers that are supposed to be the obsolete and negative culprits of the movie. But they save some of the glory, simply being the attraction and a 2 star award because to be chubby is like being fruitful and sexy, a fact that the makers has ignored totally. So if you like(from a male standpoint) fluffy, multifascetted well groomed women without grains of actual acting talent, then its a go for it. The grumpy old man really found some soul mates, but thats all thgere is .”


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