Rou pu tuan (1987)

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Rou pu tuan: Directed by Fan Ho. With Paul Che, Yuen-Man Cheng, Ying Kiu Chow, Rico Chu. Four hundred years ago, a talented man was ordered to commit peach blossom. One night, he had a fantastic dream. At first, he began to sing songs, and then he fell into the sea. Finally, he was killed. He woke up with a shock.

“From Hong Kong, this sublimely filmed erotic piece, concerns a Nobleman who sets out on a journey of sexual conquest, when he finds that his new young wife is not enough to satisfy his insatiable sexual desires. Offering a LOT of full frontal nudity provided by numerous gorgeous actresses, and featuring some stunning set pieces, costumes, and more garish color than you will find in Dario Argentou0026#39;s u0026quot;Suspiria.u0026quot; Things progress nicely until he steals the young wife of a vengeful and proud husband, who decides to exact revenge. The spurned man embarks on his own journey, to the home of the wife of his nemesis.nVery worthwhile, yet obscure Hong Kong production features many beautiful set pieces and a high quota of nudity and sex,,some of which is comic, but most of it very erotic. Featuring a dark and sombre conclusion, which I will not divulge here. Highly recommended for fans of erotica and Asian cinema, this one is sure to please fans of both genres.”


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