Mega Monster Movie (2009)

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Mega Monster Movie: Directed by Bo Zenga. With Steve Howey, Diora Baird, Kenan Thompson, Desi Lydic. A spoof on many horror movie series. Ending his shift at the video rental, Stan’s picked up by his BFF and 2 cute girls, all going to a Halloween party. Will they even get there?

“Iu0026#39;m going to say I like it. Donu0026quot;t get me wrong its a bad movie but it doesnu0026#39;t mean its not enjoyable. Its not to much like Meet the Spartans or date movie were they parody scenes from the movie they parody and make them stupid. They did do that with the monsters by making them look like morons and give them really dumb names but beside that they do have some funny scenes and dialog. And they do try to make the a bit like the people they are base off of. Like when they use their weakness is like what fans made fun of the real people they copied. To defeat Freddy get rid of his glove. Pinhead push the nails in. The mask think with Jason and Myers is not their weakness but it showed how similar they are and that Jason was a ripoff of Myers. Leatherface wait till his chainsaw runs out of gas. And Chucky he is a doll. If you missed that then you have no business making fun of this movie. And the other main characters I thought was a good casting choice and they were really funny. Finally they didnu0026#39;t a a truck load of over the top reality breaking jokes. They have those but its more down played. Iu0026#39;m just saying rethink this one.”


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