Fatal Kiss (TV Movie 2008)

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Fatal Kiss: Directed by Jason Bourque. With Blanchard Ryan, Rick Ravanello, Sonja Bennett, Kevin McNulty. Love to Kill is about Frances Sweet, a young gorgeous woman who uses her beauty and charm to lure wealthy men into giving her all their money and then she kills them.

“From the start of this silly film, LMN is once again treating us to the seductive evil female. This one goes around ala Theresa Russell in Black Widow, researching available rich men, marrying them and then doing them in for their money. Have we heard this before? Is this female any better than the others? The answer is a big NO. It is always the men who look idiotic. Too bad as this female is so obvious and pushy. Evil to the extreme. Not as exciting and how does she change her hair so quickly? Oh well, being trite, like this movie. Enough said about the umteenth Golddigger film. Oh, I guess I have to add more lines to make this review legal. A bad movie doesnu0026#39;t need too many words to tell you how bad it is.”


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