Kabe atsuki heya (1956)

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Kabe atsuki heya: Directed by Masaki Kobayashi. With Kô Mishima, Torahiko Hamada, Keiko Kishi, Toshiko Kobayashi. A group of rank-and-file Japanese soldiers are jailed for crimes against humanity, themselves victims of a nation refusing to bear its burdens as a whole.

“Very few films, if any, tackle the subject of the mostly innocent u0026quot;war criminalsu0026quot; from the war in Japan with the subject of Accountabilty being the focus. As with others on here, yes you can definitely see the makings of a great director here and what he worked on to become that. Does this mean that the directoru0026#39;s style in progress take away from whatu0026#39;s here? Absolutely not.”


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