Barbie: Die Magie der Delfine (Video 2017)

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Barbie: Die Magie der Delfine: Directed by Conrad Helten. With Erica Lindbeck, Shannon Chan-Kent, Kazumi Evans, Claire Margaret Corlett. As Barbie and her sisters enjoy their vacation at a sun-kissed island resort, a rare Gemstone dolphin goes missing. Will she and her mysterious new friend, Isla, find it? And, above all, will Isla share her well-hidden secret with Barbie?

“Iu0026#39;m really confused. None of them really knew what Marlo was truly up to and yet Isla got angry at Barbie even though she only wanted to make sure Emerald got a safe checkup before knowing the truth about Marlo. And I donu0026#39;t remember when Isla said that Marlo wanted the gemstone dolphins for herself. And when Barbie went to see Isla to apologise to her, I donu0026#39;t remember them talking earlier about Marlo being untrustworthy and Isla ever being right about something about Marlo before. This is really bothering me and I really need some answers knowing if Iu0026#39;ve missed out on something in the movie. And I really need help getting this problem out of my head.”


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