State and Main (2000)

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State and Main: Directed by David Mamet. With Michael Higgins, Michael Bradshaw, Morris Lamore, Allen Soule. A movie crew invades a small town whose residents are all too ready to give up their values for showbiz glitz.

“The filmmakers who invade Vermont are patronizing, condescending and pig-headed…to the locals and to each other. Writer-director David Mamet gets in some good acerbic digs at show business and isnu0026#39;t afraid to make anyone and everyone look the fool. After all, itu0026#39;s only u0026quot;just a movieu0026quot; to us–to them, itu0026#39;s brain surgery at a cost. The cast seems to be having a great time, Alec Baldwin in particular. Philip Seymour Hoffman has never been so benign–and thats a good thing (what a nice change to see him relaxed, romantic and clean-cut). The picture isnu0026#39;t a barn-burner, it never crackles or builds comedic momentum like, say, u0026quot;Tootsieu0026quot;, but itu0026#39;s a flip, funny, unfettered throwaway. **1/2 from ****”


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