Huai nu hai (1986)

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Huai nu hai: Directed by Stanley Wing Siu. With Anita Mui, Anthony Chan, Wai-Hong Woo, Brenda Lo.

“This is the first movie i have seen with Anita in it and it is the best. The movie, which literally means u0026quot;Bad Girlu0026quot;, follows a guyu0026#39;s adventure in dating a mahjong addict. The guyu0026#39;s mother was also a mahjong addict, she went play the second after the wedding, the birth, and wasnu0026#39;t there when the father died, so the guy swore he would only marry a non-mahjong-playing girl, a near impossible goal. You will laugh until your sides ache through the courtship and the unsuspecting and twisted ending.”


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