Lawless – Die Gesetzlosen (2012)

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Lawless – Die Gesetzlosen: Directed by John Hillcoat. With Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, Guy Pearce. Set in Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, a trio of bootlegging brothers are threatened by a new special deputy and other authorities angling for a cut of their profits.

“u0026#39;Lawlessu0026#39; is definitely a great film but thereu0026#39;s something missing. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe acting is really strong; Tom Hardyu0026#39;s performance is probably his best so far. His voice is so different to his normal voice which really highlights how he has worked hard on his performance. I was really surprised by Shia LaBeoufu0026#39;s performance, heu0026#39;s never really impressed me but he gave a great performance here. He really proved that he could do some proper acting in the future and hopefully move away from the u0026#39;Transformersu0026#39; series. Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain both perform well but their roles are wasted here. They have no real purpose in the film and are merely there as love interests. It wouldnu0026#39;t have been such an issue if they had gotten any actress for these roles but they instead chose two of the best rising stars with huge amounts of talent. Guy Pierce is outstanding here but his role becomes almost comical towards the end. He gives a great performance though and is quite disturbing. Gary Oldman gives a really good performance but has only 5 minutes screen time! It seems like such a waste, it would have been interesting to see his character included in the plot a lot more.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOverall this film was fantastic but there was a few things that director John Hillcoat could have improved that would have made this film truly brilliant, such as giving more characters some crucial screen time. The violence was not really an issue; I donu0026#39;t think it diverted the film away from anything which is good. It contained the right amount of violence for the film and shouldnu0026#39;t put anyone off from watching this.”


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