Wrath of Cain – Kreislauf der Gewalt (2010)

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Wrath of Cain – Kreislauf der Gewalt: Directed by Ryan Combs. With Ving Rhames, Nipsey Hussle, Gillie Da Kid, Robert Patrick. Cain’s often challenged in prison by wannabes. Cain’s later offered a chance to talk with kids from the hood, incl. his own son, so they don’t end up in prison.

“This film did have potential to be a underground hit, but the direction was missing. Wasnu0026#39;t Ving Rhames best work, but at the same time he wasnu0026#39;t working with the most talented actors. I watched the film to see Nipsey Hussleu0026#39;s work, but was blow away by the plot. Great plot, just wasnu0026#39;t directed right. But the movie is not awful and is watchable a couple of times. it has well meaning message and if you are into prison flicks, this fulfill your needs. I give it a B-! The ending was kind of wack,and lazy. Hopefully it was because of a poor budget Like i said before, donu0026#39;t expect any Oscar winning performances, but it is a good flick to watch. Also, I think the score of the movie could have been better when you have two great rappers in Nipsey Hussle and Gillie the Kid!”


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