Shit Year (2010)

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Shit Year: Directed by Cam Archer. With Ellen Barkin, Luke Grimes, Bob Einstein, Theresa Randle. An actress finds herself adrift after she quits performing.

“…i feel like i have to set something against what has been written about this film in an earlier review on this website. sht year is a very sensitive, empathetic portrait about an eccentric, depressive yet somehow sympathetic woman, it is a film about loss, the loss of meaning, sense, purpose, occupation, loss of love and ultimately about the fear of the end of loss of having nothing more to lose. since the other review is highly subjective and since i donu0026#39;t know how to write a decent review i will just say: there are a lot of things i like about this film, i just watched it again after about 3 years and, again, i greatly enjoyed it. but even if youu0026#39;re not into the kind of photography/videoart aesthetics archer employs along with his talent for stillness, even if you donu0026#39;t recognize the existential struggle with identity and being a real person in a real life world that gifted actors seem to be prone to and which is embodied here by such an actress in a very very courageous, intimate and personal way, even if you do not identify with the character or the imagery, one must acknowledge that it is a strong and unusual film. it is by no means trashy or cheap or attempting to be something it is not, like the other review suggests. im not saying youu0026#39;re wrong in not enjoying it since its your subjective experience, but youu0026#39;re making it sound like its impossible that anyone might enjoy it and its total crap which is not true at all. it is a strong movie, it has a strong point, and a sense of urgency. it is artistic expression by means of film on a high level in the way its written, performed, captured and produced. so im not saying its for anyone, everyone should watch it, but i like it a lot and its certainly worth a shot. it deserves to be taken seriously, please donu0026#39;t just dismiss it because one dude on IMDb couldnu0026#39;t make sense of it. i could and i recommend it as well as archers first feature length film u0026quot;wild tigers Iu0026#39;ve knownu0026quot; (again very specific images, but if they tell your story it can feel like someone knows whats in your heart and i am thankful for that, its the best thing about art!)”


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