Winchester 73 (TV Movie 1967)

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Winchester 73: Directed by Herschel Daugherty. With Tom Tryon, John Saxon, Dan Duryea, John Drew Barrymore. Two cousins – one an ex-con and the other a law officer – compete for possession of a famed repeating rifle.

“There must be a terrific laundry in this town. Every actoru0026#39;s clothes are perfectly cleaned and pressed except for John Saxon. Appears the costume lady just went down the movies studiou0026#39;s u0026quot;cowboy clothesu0026quot; department and pulled out something from the 1950u0026#39;s for everyone. Secondly, I take part in shoot competitions and have never seen anyone who could shoot as well as these guys. Totally unbelievable. Thirdly, the depictions of u0026quot;Indiansu0026quot; is an insult to real native Americans. Itu0026#39;s hard to understand why movie studios would put money into this kind of amateurish film. I gave it a 2 only because it had some nice scenery.”


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