Geliebte Clara (2008)

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Geliebte Clara: Directed by Helma Sanders-Brahms. With Martina Gedeck, Pascal Greggory, Malik Zidi, Aline Annessy. A look at the lives of 19th-century composers Clara and Robert Schumann.

“I just saw Geliebte Clara today, in an intimate theater of about 100 seats. Close to the screen, I was quickly drawn into the music and the emotion of the players. The costuming was fantastic, with rich colors and fantastic textures. Women didnu0026#39;t wear the most confining corsets every day, there were many different styles, and softer ones were used for traveling or daily wear. Women of lower social orders didnu0026#39;t wear them at all. Beyond corsets, the film had a remarkable sensitivity and cohesion I hadnu0026#39;t expected from the filmmakers. There was great attention to detail, and I found the cast to be highly committed to their roles. Only the actor playing Robert I found to occasionally be a little less than attentive. Martina Gedeck is now my favorite German actress. This is a must-have DVD for me.”


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