Not My Life (TV Movie 2006)

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Not My Life: Directed by John Terlesky. With Meredith Monroe, Ari Cohen, Michael Woods, Ellie Harvie. After a car accident, a woman with a seemingly perfect life begins to have visions that suggest she is not who she thinks she is.

“This starts out kind of silly — one canu0026#39;t believe that the life of leading character Alison Morgan (Meredith Monroe) can possibly be as happy and contented as is shown in the first, rather saccharine 20 minutes — but as the film progresses it gains strength and power. Alison finds out that her u0026quot;amnesiau0026quot; is actually a cover-up for some dark secrets in her own past and that of her husband Steve (a nicely understated performance by Ari Cohen). Itu0026#39;s a pretty obvious variation on u0026quot;Gaslightu0026quot; but within the confines of that classic thriller trope Paul A. Birkettu0026#39;s script is refreshingly inventive and original, and John Terleskyu0026#39;s direction is straightforward and avoids some of the obvious visual clutter other Lifetime directors have indulged in in an attempt to be u0026quot;creative.u0026quot; Lifetime ran this just before the 2007 version of u0026quot;Sybilu0026quot; probably because theyu0026#39;re both stories about mentally discombobulated women, but I found this one considerably more entertaining.”


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